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Foster for Us

As a foster-based rescue, Paws & Whiskers simply could not function without our valued Foster Team - they are our MOST important volunteers.


It takes a special kind of person to bring a scared ball of fluff into their home and love them like your own pet. You watch them grow in confidence and learn to trust, and then you hand them over to another family. Fostering is a lot of hard work and it can be upsetting when your foster animal leaves for their forever home, but the rewards are incredible.

We are committed to supporting our fosters and even offer a FREE pet first aid course if you continue fostering with us.


See our fosters' stories below and apply to join our Foster Team by completing our application formWe consider all applications, including people in flats and those with young children or other pets.

"I like the feeling that I'm helping a dog that needs it, and being fully supported by P.A.W.S if I need it makes it as low-stress as possible."
“There are so many people in the team with such different experiences but we all have one common goal - to help animals. When anyone has a problem or a success or is crying happy tears at their foster being adopted, we all gather round with support.”
“Lilly is my first with Paws and Whiskers and I have found them very supportive, especially hearing how the other fosterers are getting on. There’s always someone to help and guide you in a lovely way!”
"I enjoy the chance to meet new cats and make a positive difference to their lives - being their stepping stone"
“I especially love the nervous dogs! The happy bouncy puppies are great and fun but for me, there's nothing better than watching a little broken soul slowly heal in front of you every day and knowing you played a massive part in that transition.”
"My opinion counts. Its also good feeling to know you're making a difference"
“There are lots that are very hard to give up, but always another that needs you.”
"I like that the animal comes first and there's no rush to get them into a home before they're ready"
"I like helping the dog find a new family and having the P.A.W.S team if any help is needed."
"The best part is giving something back to the poor animals that need homes. Also seeing the progress our foster pet is making every day."
"I most enjoy seeing the animal become comfortable and confident"
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