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Meet the Team


David Wise

Founder, Director
I have experience of owning a variety of animals from dogs and cats to reptiles. The chance to speak to rescues in other countries is the most rewarding part of my position.

During my time in rescue I've been to Romania three times and Ukraine. My dream for P.A.W.S is to help animals in many more countries deserving of happy homes - from the Galgos in Spain, disabled animals in a Thai sanctuary I visited and animals from the Chinese meat trade. 

Outside of rescue I have 2 children and love to travel.

Hannah Carter

Founder, Director
From my first ever foster dog in 2018 I fell in love with rescue. I've now had close to 50 fosters and adore the nervous ones most. I've made friends for life at P.A.W.S, including our team, Homecheck volunteers, fosters and adopters. It takes an army sometimes just to save one animal but it's so worth it. 

Spaying and neutering is the most important thing to me as it's the only way to solve the issue of stray dogs.

Outside of rescue I work as an Executive Assistant and have five dogs and a corn snake.

Hannah Sirignano

I rescued my first dog Max four years ago and fell madly in love. Since Covid, I work from home a lot so started fostering and absolutely loved it. I’ve been with P.A.W.S from the start. I find it so rewarding, especially with the more nervous or difficult ones. Seeing the change in them when they finally start to trust and settle is amazing.

My last foster Ralph fitted in perfectly and we couldn’t bear to let him go so he has now completed our family. We love having adventures together and Ralph absolutely adores his brother!

Lucia Harvey

Founder, Director
I have 4 dogs, all have disabilities varying from a tri-paw, deaf and partially blind and a wheelchair dog. With my own ill health we make a proper wonky pack between us!

I've always been interested in canine behaviour, which I've studied at length, with a particular interest in street dogs and their uniqueness and quirks. Some people enjoy people-watching.. I dog-watch and often find myself analysing their behaviour in public! It's a joy to me to be able to give advice and help people connect with their dogs.

Lucille Qilo-Sullivan

I grew up in the Philippines where it was a common thing for my family to pick up stray cats and rescue dogs and I loved being around them. In 2019, I moved to the UK and started to feel sad I don’t have any animals with me.

However it became a great alternative to volunteer for P.A.W.S seeing the animals find their forever families brings me great joy.

Recently I took in my first two fosters - a bonded pair of cats and ended up adopting them.

Lynda Humphrey-Stack

Founder, Director
Since rescuing my first dog from overseas 4 years ago, I've thrown myself into animal rescue.

My foster team are my extended family and I love bringing together individuals who all have the same passion - saving the lives of many paws.

Outside of rescue I am a wife and mum of 2 with another on the way! I am a self confessed crazy cat lady (having 15) and also have 2 rescue dogs as well as some small furries!

Megan Baker

Founder, Director (on sabbatical)
I’ve always loved animals and grew up with lots of dogs in the family. In 2020, I adopted Dolly, a sassy Romanian rescue, and started fostering and volunteering in rescue shortly after. Playing a part in rescuing cats and dogs is a dream come true. I believe that all animals deserve to feel safe and loved, regardless of their species or where they were born.

I am passionate about using social media to make a positive impact and love that my role at P.A.W.S lets me connect with thousands of animal lovers just like us!

Sophie Lofts

I’ve loved and been around animals my whole life. Since my teens I’ve volunteered for various animal rescues and fostered cats and dogs, some with disabilities. I adopted my Romanian dog, Rupert, in 2018 and fit rescue life around my full time job in the NHS and being a mum.

Animal rescue will always be passion of mine and I hope to pass this love on to my daughter as she grows. I love how social media can connect us with other animal lovers and the power it has to help us advocate for those without a voice of their own.
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