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The P.A.W.S Pet Pantry

Throughout the cost-of-living crisis, families with pets have been hit hard, finding their pets' needs slipping further down the priority list as food as fuel prices soar. Some families have made the heartbreaking decision to surrender their pets to rescue organisations like ours who are now full to bursting point. Sadly, some pets have been put to sleep as there were no other options.

The P.A.W.S Pet Pantry aims to support pet owners who are struggling to afford basics for their pets. We provide essentials such as food, litter and parasite treatment. Where possible, we can also supply less essential items such as bowls, leads and beds. As we gain more momentum we would like to offer professional pet care/walking services, Veterinary care and behaviour sessions from qualified service providers.

We are recruiting volunteers to either store donated items, deliver essentials to families in need, or to offer other services listed above.

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January 2023: 25 animals helped, £700.09 spent
Some posted orders from January 2023
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