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The Wonky Paws Club

Our Wonky Paws Club is specially for the less “adoptable” animals we rescue. We don't think an animal should be left behind just because they are elderly or have long term health conditions and disabilities.


Of course, we see higher costs of care for these animals so donations are always welcome. You can become a Wonky Paws Club supporter here.

Meet our loveable “Wonkies” below


Scotty and Georgie came to us aged eight and ten after their owner was struggling to care for them. They were left alone all day, hardly walked and in need of vet treatment. Sadly their ages put a lot of people off of adopting them, along with the fact that we insisted they were rehomed together.

These gents had lived together their whole lives and continue to do so! They found a Permanent Foster home in March 2022 where they're treated like princes.

Gentle Georgia arrived in foster in May 2021 and still is extremely anxious. We’re not entirely sure what Georgia’s life was like before being rescued, but at age six it is likely that she has been through some trauma, so her anxiety is completely understandable. After 18 months in foster, Georgia is still unable to wear a harness and lead to go for a walk.

Georgia will remain a Permanent Foster.

Gorgeous Frankie found herself in a Romanian kill shelter before coming to us in May 2021. She is missing her right eye but did not let this hold her back. Despite not knowing the cause for her eye loss, Frankie is just like any other dog.

Frankie was adopted by her foster family in July 2021.
Eric found himself in our care in June 2021 after being let down and abandoned at the age of 10. Once in foster, it became clear that he was very ill. He had been left with an untreated infection, causing him to be sick whenever he ate, and was also diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. Eric will remain as one of our Permanent Fosters.

Chance came to us in September 2021 when his breeders had rehomed him three times in a short period. A concern was raised for Chance's welfare and he was signed over to us. 

He was born with no eyes and a cleft palate.  Apart from looking a bit different, Chance is a happy and affectionate little dog, no different from any other!

Chance found his forever home in July 2022.

Mikey and his brother Jake arrived in our care in October 2021. Mikey became a member of the Wonky Paws Club because he was blind but seemed otherwise healthy. The boys found a Permanent Foster home together in February 2022. Sadly, a month later Mikey's health declined. He was diagnosed with severe kidney failure due to suffering neglect as a kitten. 

As no treatment options were available,Mikey was human
ely euthanised with his fosters by his side in March 2022.

Following his brother Mikey's passing, Jake's health also suffered. He was diagnosed with FIP, FIV and Toxoplasmosis. His current Permanent Foster home was unsuitable with these conditions due to a member of the family being immuno-suppressed.

Jake found a new Permanent Foster home in September 2022 and his latest test results show he is becoming more healthy.
Shay was found by one of our volunteers in October 2021, neglected, malnourished and covered in fleas. A vet check revealed she was 14 to 16 years old at the time, deaf and going blind. 

Shay remained in Permanent Foster and was nursed back to health. Just over a year after being found, she passed away peacefully in her foster's arms
. We'll always be grateful that her last year was full of love and warmth.

Arrived in October 2021 This beautiful boy has been invited into the club as he is one of our oldies at the grand age of 11. Boson was surrendered because his owner was struggling to look after him due to dementia.

Following a full body shave to remove his matted fur, Boson has been adopted by a friend of his foster family in November 2021.

This fabulous foursome of senior cats ended up in our care after their adoring owner went into a care home. At between 12 and 16 years old they would have found it harder to secure rescue space due to their ages.

Soot Soots is in 
a Permanent Foster home, with the remaining three up for adoption separately.
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